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Wolff Bellarium S 100W

This strong tanning lamp from Wolff gets you result in a short time. Although on the market for a very long time it still is one of the best sold lamps. Having used this lamp mostly means you want to have it again. Its a repeat selling lamp. Great result, high quality and very reliable.



Wolff System tanning lamp

Tanning lamps with brand name Wolff System are a guarantee for proven quality , innovation and results. Its with a reason that the Wolff tanning lamps are popular since 1975. Actually its the founding company of artificial tanning or the tanning lamp and the first one to bring them on the market. Aim of the brand was never only UV results but also fighting against vitamine D shortage and production of special lamps for various skin diseases. And still also now regulated and safe tanning are important aspects. Product development is an important issue at Wolff. Emphasis on responsible and a skin friendly way of tanning looking for new technology and innovation, processes and new materials is an ongoing process at Wolff Systems often in cooperation with universities and research institutes.

Wolff Bellarium S tanning lamp

the Wolff Bellarium S tanninglamps  are the perfect supplement or even replacement for the sun. The most important caracteristic of the lamp is that it approaches the natural spectrum of the sun more than any other lamp. Enabling you to profit from sunlight no matter what time of the year.

the optimal mix of fosfor and the high glass qualityputs this lamp on top of the market with regard to quality and results. Regularly you wil find this lamps in professional sustudio,s as well. Customer satisfaction for this lamp is unmatched. The Wolff Bellarium S tanning lamp is produced in Germany under strict conditions as we are used to from German manufacterers. Great choice for privat and professional users (although professional users have to keep in mind the 0,3 rule).

Wolff Bellarium S tanning lamp caracteristics:

  • 100 Watt, 176 cm lenght (suitable for most sunbeds)
  • strenght: strong
  • very reliable lamp
  • one of the best selling lamps ever and stil today

Additional Info

Additional Info

Artikelnr. 350600
mpn 761102
EAN 4046951011029
Brand Wolff
Length 176 cm - standard
Diameter 38 mm
Power 100 W - standard
Strenght Strong
UV-code 100-O-31/6,8
UVB/ UVA 2.4 %
Reflector No
Kind of lamp body
Branduren Fabrieksopgave: 800 uur


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