Explanation on collagen light

Collagen in your skin keeps it firm and elastic. Your skin produces up tot the age of 25 enough Collagen. After that it gradually reduces and alteration of the skin starts. We all know the results.

Thanks to the special light of the collagen lamp (633 nm) the production of collagen in the skin is stimulated. This effect has been proven scientifically (*) and was also tested in 2008 with a large group of people with positive results (**). A shortage of Collagen in the skin may also lead to an increased risk of weakening bones and muscles.

Using Collagen light will slow down the process of alteration. Your skin will feel fresher and firmer, wrinkles may be reduced and your skin will look younger and more beautiful.

Collagen light therapy safe to use

Collagen lamps are completely safe to use. They do not produce any UV and no side effects are known. Do not use the goggles for eye protection you use when you tan. Alteration is strong around the eyes and the goggles will prevent the light to reach that area.

Beneficial collagen treatment at home

It's not necessary anymore to buy expensive collagen containing gels and cremes. You can also skip the expensive and time consuming treatments in studio or beauty salon. You can do it al by yourself in your own place at your own time.

If you still have a sunbed or canopy or even a facial tanner which you do not use anymore you can rebuilt it into a Collagen unit. If your sunbed or canopy has 100W 176cm or 190cm lamps or your facial tanner 15W lamps of 19cm, you can replace them by the Collagen lamps we have on our website. You do not have to buy a complete new product. Just replace the lamps that's enough to give your old (or new) sunbed or canopy or facial tanner a “second life”.

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Collagen treatment

Visible improvement of the skin and possible reduction of wrinkles will only happen after a longer time. Collagen light therapy is no magic but a serious treatment of the skin. It needs time to improve your skin. How long it will take before improvements become visible depends on age, lifestyle and skin type but in the end you will definitely see results. Based on a Swiss research (**) we can give some guidelines:

  • after 10 treatments (between 2 and 3 weeks) almost 70% of the users observed a real improvement of the skin especially on small wrinkles in face and decollete. After 20 treatments (about 5 weeks) this was 90% and after 30 treatments it was 100%.
  • after finishing (approximately 30 treatments) 88% of the users observed a clear improvement on the deeper wrinkles in face and decollete.
  • 97% of the users was satisfied with the results.

(*) Source: Red light therapy for rejuvenation and Anti Wrinkle by Dr Ernst Smolka July 2009. Based on: The Photobiology of LED Phototherapy by Dr R.Glen Calderhead, MSc, Dr Med Sci FRSM President of SG Biomedical, Japan and Research coördinator at the Japan Phototherapy Laboratory in Tokyo.
(**) Source: Mon-Amie : test among 51 users of collagen light therapy in 2008 in Clinique Piano Zwitserland