Reviews and product reviews

We value the reliability and authenticity of reviews posted about us and our products. That our customers can make informed decisions when purchasing, using transparent and honest reviews. Therefore, we execute various measures to ensure the quality of reviews on our website.

Writing and leaving a review

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email whether you want to review the product. You will receive this email from our own email service; we will never redirect you to a website other than our own.

This way, only customers who have actually bought the product on our webshop can post a review. The special review function verifies that the customer leaving a review has actually made a purchase, thus guaranteeing authenticity. There is also the option of leaving a review via Trustpilot, this is possible without an invitation.

No reviews are paid for or are the reviews modified or influenced in any way.

Verifying the authenticity and publishing of reviews

To ensure that reviews are verified before they are posted, we have a review process. This process may take some time, but we aim to publish reviews within two weeks. We ask our customers to be patient during this process so that we can maintain a reliable and fair review section. If you have any questions about this process, you can contact our customer service.

Guidelines for posting a review

Before reviews are displayed on the webshop, each review is manually checked by our customer service. In doing so, we pay attention to a number of things to ensure that reviews are as helpful as possible. Use the following guidelines:

  • Write a unique review about the product. Copying already existing reviews or using the same review more than once is not appreciated.
  • Rate the product after using it to ensure an honest review.
  • Use correct English or Dutch language.
  • Using offensive language or inappropriate content is prohibited.
  • The review does not contain contact information, such as phone numbers, addresses and urls or other websites.

Will both positive and negative reviews be posted?

We believe in honestly representing our customers' experiences, so all genuine reviews are welcome. Both positive and negative reviews are posted on our webshop. This enables other customers to get a balanced view of the products and services we offer.

In case of negative reviews, we will contact you to handle the unpleasant experience properly.

There are some cases where a review may not be posted on our website. These may include when the review violates our guidelines, such as using offensive language, spam or spreading inappropriate content.