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OxyTan 100W R by New Technology

Tanning, Vitamine D production and light slowing down alteration of the skin making feel the skin younger and fresher in only one lamp. Can be used in any canopy or bench with 100W and 176cm lamps. Perfect lamp for a fresch beautifull tanned skin.



Tanning, increased vitamine D production and Collagen

The OxyTan 100 Watt by New Technology is a revolutionary lamp with three functions. Fisrt it gives you a great tan bruining due to advanced UV technology. Secondly it stimulates the vitamine D production of vitamine D and at the same time it works against alteration of the skin due to the special collagen light in the lamp. .

Tanning (UV)

the OxyTan lamps are unique. The special spectrum of light doe not only tan but also improves the blood flow in the skin and an improved oxygen uptake. As a result you get a more beautifull and deeper tanningresult . This is accomplished with less UV power than normal tanning lamps

It often happens that white spots on the body are remaining after tanning on a bed. Shoulders are a good example. This is caused by the fact that these body parts lay on a hard surface decreasing the blood flow on that spots. The Oxytan reduces this because of the improved blood flow effect. 

Improves vitamine D production

Apart from a better tanning result the Oxytan also improves the production of vitamine D in the body.

reduces alteration of the skin. (collagen)

Another strong point of this lamp is that the special light increases the natural production of collagen in the skin. Causing more elasticity which give a fresh and younger feeling of the Skin. Alteration slows down and even wrinkles can be reduced.. Important as of the age of 25 when the collagen production starts to go down.

Tanning lamp with built in reflector

The OxyTan 100 Watt has a built in reflector this creates not only more power and is it more efficiënter this lamp can also be used in equipment without a reflection screen. Incase of doubt pleae contact us. Place the lamps always with the logo towards your face and body. By doing that reflector will always be in the right place!

Three functions in één

The OxyTan lamp is a multi functional lampéén Tanning, improved vitamine D production and skin improvement. It is the lamp for a beautifull fresh and tanned skin!

Caracteristics OxyTan 100W by New Technology

  • length 176 cm
  • 100 watt 
  • UVB/UVA 1 % 
  • built in reflector
  • unique tanning process
  • improved vitamine D production
  • skin improvement by collagen light

Additional Info

Additional Info

Artikelnr. 205410
mpn 205410
Brand New Technology
Length 176 cm - standard
Diameter 38 mm
Power 100 W - standard
Strenght Normal
UV-code 100-R-22/3,5
UVB/ UVA 1.0 %
Reflector Yes
Kind of lamp body, collagen
Branduren Fabrieksopgave: 800 uur


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