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Skin Care Collagen Plus 10 100W 190cm

This collagen lamp is 190 cm long and 100 W. Same story as for the 176 cm version but instead this one is for longer tanning beds with 190 cm lamps.



Are you looking for a cheaper alternative for expensive collagen creams and treatments? With this Skin Care Collagen lamps you will slow down the alteration of te skin and even improve your skin. Thanks to the special red light, collagen production in the skin is stimulated and flexibillity of the skin improved. This lamp does not produce UV and is safe to use!

Skin Care Collagen lamps are available in different versions:

  • Skin Care Collagen Plus 10 100W 176cm
  • Skin Care Collagen Plus 10 100W 190cm

Please make sure that if you replace your UV or collagen lamps in your product that you choose for the right lenght. The Skin Care lamps are the most effective collagen lamps available for consumers. So choose for the best collagen lamp and you will get the best results.

Change your UV tanning bed into a collagen bed

You have at home a UV canopy or tanning bed which is not in use anymore? Than turn it into a collagen canopy or bed. If your canopy or tanning bed has lamps of 100W and 176cm or 100/120W 190 cm you can simply replace them by these collagen lamps. No need for a new canopy or tanning bed neither any other action than changing the lamps.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Artikelnr. 350002
mpn 240102
Brand Skin Care
Length 190 cm
Diameter No
Power 100 W - standard
Strenght No
UV-code No
Reflector No
Kind of lamp collagen
Branduren No


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