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This HPA lamp is used in various sunmobiles from Hapro and Philips. Used to be Philips branded but now exactly the same und The iSOLde brand name.



The HPA 400S is an often used high pressure lamp in the previously branded sunmobiles from Philips and current models from Hapro. Philips stopped production serveral years ago and production has been taken over by iSOLde with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. So if you have Philips HPA 400 S lamps in your sunmobile you can safely replace them by this iSOLde HPA 400 S lamp. This is exactly the same lamp only sold under the brand name iSOLde.

Total length of this lamp is 11,8cm.

Over the years this lamp has been sold under many other names like:

  • HPA 400
  • Philips HPA 400 UV type 3
  • HPA 400 S
  • HPA 400 Cleo
  • Cleo 400 S

PAY ATTENTION: on the internet it is often said that this lamp is suitable for all Philips sunmobiles which is not the case.

For many types of sunmobiles, Philips instruction manual indicates the use of the Flexpower 400-500W or Flexpower 400-600W. Both types are being replace by one lamp available on our website under the name iSOLde Cleo HPA 400-600 Flexpower. We therefore recommend to check which lamp to use in your instruction manual which you can also easily download from the internet.

From the products below we know that the HPA 400 S is recommenden by the manufacterer in the instruction manual. To be 100% sure you can also check the printing on the lamp.

Suitable for the following products:

  • Philips Sunmobile HB 853
  • Philips Sunmobile HB 863
  • Philips Sunmobile HP 3132 (4 pcs)
  • Philips Sunmobile HP 3135 (4 pcs)
  • check for all other models the following lamp: HPA Flexpower 400-600W

The above mentioned modelnumbers are written on the rating plate. Mostly found on the side or on the bottom of your sunmobile.

Your Philips Sunmobile lamps are easily to be replaced by yourself! The old Philips HPA 400 S lamp is no longer available but can be replaced by this iSOLde CLEO HPA 400 S.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Artikelnr. 350845
Gewicht 0.01
mpn 919220245
EAN 4050114003783
Brand iSOLde
Length 11,8 cm
Diameter No
Power 400 W
Strenght No
UV-code No
Reflector No
Kind of lamp body, gezichtsbruiner, high pressure (HPA)
Branduren Fabrieksopgave: 800 uur


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