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Philips/ Hapro Sunmobile

Buy your Philips/ Hapro Sunmobile tanning lamps easy and fast online at tanpassion.com. Wide program for all sunmobile brands and types delivered from stock.

Any questions or advice needed? Mail, chat or call us. Please make sure to give us all information like length, power and brand/ type of your old facial tanning lamps. Makes it much easier for us to give you a good advice. For the brands Philips and Hapro we only need to know the model name.

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  • iSOLde CLEO HPA 400 S

    This HPA lamp is used in various sunmobiles from Hapro and Philips. Used to be Philips branded but now exactly the same und The iSOLde brand name. Learn More

  • iSOLde CLEO HPA Flexpower 400-600W

    This high pressure lamp has been used in many Philips sunmobiles. Sometimes also as flexpower 400-500. Mostlu under the brandname Philips which is no longer excisiting for tanning lamps. Now as with all formerly named Philips lamps this is Isolde. Its exactly the same lamp. For most Philips suncars this is the recommended lamp to use (according to instruction manuals easy to download through google). Learn More

  • MaxLight HP 400-600W D flex

    Dit is de originele lamp die gebruikt wordt in de Hapro HP 8540 Mobile Suns (3 stuks). De lamp heeft een lengte van 11,8 cm. Learn More

  • REDLIGHT 2.0 31/51 SL 300-500W (RUBINO Flexpower)

    NEW: Precursor of the Rubino Flexpower 400-600 (to be announced soon). Suitable for all Philips/Hapro Sunmobiles excluded the Philips/Hapro Innergize. Learn More

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  • Infrared lamp 1100W 15040R

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    1100 Watt infrared replacement lamp of 25,4cm for all Philips/Hapro Innergize and sunmobile models. Learn More

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