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Snelbruinlamp Duo Power 100W

This 100W tanning lamp with a lenght of 176cm has for the biggest part a UVB/UVA percentage of 1,5%. However what makes this lamp very special is the integrated facial tanner part for extra power for the face. This part lights up in a different color when started up and the facial part is stronger with a UVB/UVA percentage of 2,0%.



On request of many of our customers we introduced the Duotan lamp under our own brandname. This unique lamp has a little over standard UVA/UVB percentage of 1,5%. Speciallity is that it has an integrated part with extra power for the face of 60cm (lighting up in a different color). This part is stronger with a UVB/UVA percentage of 2,0% for the face which usually tans slower than the rest of your body.

This Snelbruinlamp Duo Power 100W can be used in all equipment from any brand or type when they use lamps of 176cm lenght with 100 Watt.

  • length 176 cm
  • 100 Watt
  • UVB/UVA 1,5 % and 2,0 % in the facial part

If you canopy doe not have any facial tanner unit you might consider to change that by using this lamp. Take 4 or 6 pcs and put them in the middle of the canopy in between the other lamps. Eg you have a canopy with 12 lamps you could put 4 in the middle with 4 normal UV tubes on both sides or put 6 with 3 normal UV lamps on both sides. This will give extra support to an equal tanning of your face.

Have you been using the MaxLight Combi CIII tanning lamp?? Take this one as alternative and be suprised by the good results.

Snelbruinlamp series

Apart from Snelbruinlamp Duo Power 100W we have also other versions within the Snelbruinlamp series which are as follows listed based on being increasingly powerfull:

100 Watt, 176 cm

  • Snelbruinlamp Basic 1.0 100W (for skintype2 t/m 4)
  • Snelbruinlamp Intensive 1.5 100W (for skintype 3 t/m 4)
  • Snelbruinlamp Duo Power 100W (for skintype 3 t/m 4)
  • Snelbruinlamp Professional 2.3 100W (for skintype 3 t/m 4)
  • Snelbruinlamp Professional Plus 2.8 100W (for skintype 4)
  • Snelbruinlamp Extreme Power Plus 3.1 100W (for skintype 4)

80 Watt, 150 cm

  • Snelbruinlamp Intensive 1.5 80W (for skintype 3 t/m 4)
  • Snelbruinlamp Professional Plus 2.8 80W (for skintype 4)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Artikelnr. 350339
Gewicht 0.01
mpn 207800
Brand Own brand
Length 176 cm - standard
Diameter 38 mm
Power 100 W - standard
Strenght Strong
UV-code 100-O-38/6,5
UVB/ UVA 1.5 %
Reflector No
Kind of lamp body
DuoTan Yes
Branduren Fabrieksopgave: 800 uur


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