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Sunbed tubes

New sunbed tubes buy them easy and fast online. You want more information about how to choose the right tanning lamp, skin types and tanning schedule? Take a look at our sunbed tubes buying guide.


Choose the right lamp

First of all make sure the length and power are similar to your old lamps. Incase your sunbed or canopy does not have a kind of reflection screen behind the lamps you need reflector lamps. These lamps have a built in reflection themselves. You need more information or advice? Mail, chat or call us with as much information as possible about your sunbed, canopy and old lamps.

Fast and safe delivery

The lamps are packed based on 20 years experience and will be delivered at home fast and safe with selected carriers. Any damage is our risk not yours.

Best sold sunbed tube (100W, 176cm)
Normal strength: Cosmedico Brilliant Sun Plus XT | Extra stong: Snelbruinlamp Professional Plus 2.8 100W

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8 Item(s)

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